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Create Family Tree With Imlee - India's No1 Family Network Create Family Tree - New Relatives Share Family
In today's fast paced life, Imlee has made it easy to share time and stay connected with loved ones.
Alok Kamdar
Imlee is a user friendly site, I was easily able to chart 80 members on my family tree along with pictures.
Rajat Goyal
New Zealand
Personal remains personal on imlee unlike other social platforms.
B. Singh
Coming from a family which is spread far & wide, imlee hits the right note to bring my folks together.
Uma Hunsimard
Imlee helped me to understand my extended family and communicate with them safely and effectively.
Ruta Patil
Imlee not only connects and brings families together but also helps to understand each other better.
Arun Mundhe
I liked the concept of family tree. Imlee helps me connect better and keep posted with latest happenings with my relatives.
Sandeep Deb
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