About us

Our families have & will remain a strong support system in our lives. But often we forget to tell our family & relatives how special they are to us.

imlee brings together the exciting concept of family trees and social networking to help you bond better with your family. Your family tree at imlee helps you discover & connect with people in your family network. With safe sharing for family memories and other exciting features, imlee is full of fun - just like your khatti meethi families.

Your Opinion Matters

imlee is currently in beta. There are lot of new features and ideas we are working on to make imlee more interesting for you. We look forward to your suggestions and feedback. So whether it is something that made you happy or something you feel we should work towards, do share it with us. Please mail your comments to admin@imlee.com

For business and marketing related enquiries, please write to marketing@imlee.com

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