Teach Your Child The Art Of Saving

Teach Your Child The Art of Saving 

Raising a child with right morals and right teachings is not at all an easy task, especially when home is the first school where child learns everything. Children’s are the most delicate piece of art god has ever created. They learn to eat, drink and even to spend or save money. Because parents are their source of inspiration they absorb everything that they see. Hence at early age it is necessary for parents to teach them to become savers and not spenders. But before teaching them the art of saving it’s important to make them realize the importance of saving at the right age of life.


Children learn a lot by just watching you and how you deal with money. Spending, saving, withdrawing or donating money: they’re all chances to teach your child more of the basics around it.

Teaching, guiding and showing children how to handle money is a really worthwhile exercise as it’s also a practical way to develop their sense of independence, confidence and self-esteem. With this you are also teaching them a very important long term life skill too!

Help your children learn the differences between needs want and wishes as this will prepare them for making good spending decisions in the future.They also learn about money from the way you speak about it too, so just start to notice how you talk about money in general in front of your kids and decide if that’s really the message you want to pass on to them, regardless of how old they are.


Giving pocket money at the right age will help them manage finance. They understand that they need money to buy things and hence they wouldn’t spend the whole money until the next payment time which will automatically teach them ways to save money on unwanted chocolates and candy’s.

Give them money like a reward. Like ask them to complete some task like washing dishes or cleaning their own room, this would help them in learning to getting paid for what work they did and eventually teaching them to work harder for greater profits. Also when children’s are given pocket money ask them to save some amount in order to get double pocket money in their next payment. This would urge them to save money but make sure the amount is less so that they don’t become greedy. And learn to have patience.

With parents it’s also a child who deals with ways to save money. Generally children’s don’t give a thought until they really want something. This is a good way to ask them to spend their saved money on what they really want.


Children are the most notorious and happiest of all human kind and worry is a word they don’t understand therefore it’s immaterial for them to worry if they would have financial debts in the future. But once they understand to save money you can give little tips to save their money.

For example:

  •   Ask them to get a small piggy bank and deposit their saved money in that piggy bank and keep it at a place where the child doesn’t see it regularly but ask them to deposit money regularly. Like one day one rupee.
  •  Ask them to involve in activities that wouldn’t include investment like playing in the parks or at the friends place or for that matter your place. Ask them to not invest on things that are freely available like water.
  •  Ask them to tell their friends about saving money so that they don’t urge your children to spend. For this you can even ask them to compete in saving. Children’s always love competition. Competing in saving would make them more dedicated.
  •  Ask them to prepare a small kind of budget when they get their payment this would help them in organizing things in which to spend.
  •   Ask them to never invest their money on food items like chocolates and candies tell them you are there for all the food items they would want. Tell them to save for something more like a gift or a comic book or a toy
  •   Ask them to count their savings every week. This would encourage them and also would make them feel more independent

Children learn by looking at you make sure your behavior and attitude towards finance is worth learning!

When its festival of COLOURS, then why not save WATER?

Splashing colours, playing pranks, and getting covered with colours doubtless of the fact it is one of the most celebrated festival.
Playing with water and balloons are more like cherry on the cake but According to research, on an average you require about 80 liters of water when you use a shower to bathe. You can imagine how much water goes down the drain each year when you play Holi with water.

Many parts of Maharastra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh,J harkhan have faced water crisis time and again, here water supply fails to meet almost 30% of the demand and using water would add fuel to the fire.
When situation worsens further its drought. We are privileged to have water for everything from playing to drinking because we live in towns but does that mean people in villages should suffer for us to enjoy? Its certainly a personal call for people whether to use water in holi or not but this shall only reflect our responsibility towards society and environment.

When its colours then why make it a festival of water? So lets be humble and environmentally responsible This Holi add colour not only to your celebration but to the world around you by saving water. HAPPY HOLI

Top 5 indoor games to play this weekend with your family

How does your family look like on weekends? All the grown ups hooked on smartphones or reading the dailies about the tumbling rupee? Are all the youngsters watching non-stop TV and in between managing friends on whats app? Sure each one in his space does have fun, but are there any activities which the family does together without leaving the confines of home. Not so long ago before the advent of internet and cable tv, families used to have immense fun by playing simple games at home with a good supply of bhajias and chai. Even today there are families who shut themselves off from the digital world and derive sheer fun from these homely games. Here are the top 5 indoor games we think your family can indulge themselves in on weekends


carrom-board1) Carrom : We all are familiar with this game. Simple rules & extremely addictive. There is hardly any learning curve and just about anybody can start playing this game.  A lot of innovative shots can be seen, some deliberate some ‘fluke’. There are lot of carrom competitions in school, offices  and the champions often seem to come from families where the board is always covered with boric powder.



2) Scrabble : This game is very popular among spelling bees. Play this game to build your vocabulary, its a game for all ages. Elders get to show off by using words from variety of fields while the kids will try to slip in a lot of slang. A word of advice – do keep a dictionary handy to resolve silly doubts! 2 to 4 members can play this game and each game lasts for about 60 to 90 minutes.



taboo3) Taboo : Unwind yourself and your family with fun game Taboo. Gotta be quick with words, expressive and sharp enough to offer the right clues. Make your partner guess the word without using the taboo words, an example would be to offer hints to guess ‘Guitar’ without using the taboo words ‘music’, ‘string’, ‘instrument’, ‘sound’. Set against a timer, know how well you can take the cue and get the right word.



scrabble yard4) Scotland Yard : Its a thrilling pursuit game named after one of the best police forces in the world and rightly so. One player gets to be Mr X(the thief) and rest  collaborate to become a team of detectives in his pursuit. This one is for the analytical minds, forces you to think and deduce based on board positions. Takes about 30 to 45 suspenseful minutes each game.



5) Pictionary : Heres a game which relies totally on your creative mind. Seems like simple game of guessing the word, but the method here is to keep mum and draw instead to offer clues. Imagine you are asked to offer clues to guess the word ‘Fox’ by drawing to your partner. Are you able to draw fox or does it look like a dog.  Pictionary is a lot of fun & an engaging game for the entire family and you wouldn’t want to stop once started.

Imlee Fan of the Week – 4


Our Imlee fan for this week is a well known professional photographer from Ahmedabad and wonderful person at heart- Mr Upendra Rawal.

Mr. Rawal started his career at very young age with Vimal Mills – the first textile venture by Reliance Industires, as a designer. He then moved on to become a photo lab owner & professional photographer and has worked on industrial, commercial and on site photography projects like Narmada Dam Project and Akshar Dham. He has done photography of live surgeries and medical procedures for photographs in medical books. Apart from photography, he enjoys music, treks and adventure activities.

Tell us something about your family?

Our family moved to Ahmedabad from Kolkata, where my father was working as chief accountant for a jeweler. Now 85 years old , he lives a healthy life spending time with his wife (my mother) and grandchildren. My youngest brother is a Sound Engineer and lives with my parents , the other brother is an Electronics engineer and my sister is a librarian with library in Ahmedabad. We all are music lovers ; my dad specially, enjoys playing  a harmonium. Everybody in the family is very creative and is actively involved in various things.

How do you spend time with your family?

Inspite of staying away from each other, we all share a mutual sense of belonging, love and affection towards each other. I am really proud of being part of this family, where this bond of togetherness makes us happy and contented. I ensure I visit my parents and brother regularly, we all keep in touch with each other and meet at home once in a while.
During festivals and events like Raksha Bandhan and Diwali all the relatives meet at our place since my dad is not only the eldest but also the most loved and respected member of the family. We also organize Satyanarayan pooja every month or other get-together events where all the relatives meet each other and family members of all ages interact & bond together ,  in a fun-filled lively environment.
Also , if there is any relative who is traveling via Ahmedabad, they make sure that they stop at our place and spend time with my parents..

What is it that makes your family special?

We might not have everything, but together we are very happy and contented. Everyone in the family is socially inclined and has done a lot of work for the betterment of the society and helped people in some way or the other. Our family was called by the ruler of Jasdan Tehsil in Rajkot district, Ala Khachar Bapu during the British rule. The place had a population of 2000 people wherein my grandfather was the only literate person. He introduced to the village a school, a proper government office, a bus stand, post office, electricity and many other things made the lives of people in the village better. Even today, in some  homes, people in the village worship my grandfather and have his photograph in their temples along with other Gods.

My grandfather had once told me,”Vidhya Vechvi Nahi” meaning don’t sell knowledge. I have been teaching music, photography and spreading knowledge about various other things since many years now and I do not take a single penny for the same. So, this activeness and the willingness to help others makes our family special.

How has Imlee helped you and your family? What would you call your Imlee moment?

Imlee has been a wonderful platform and I really like the concept of having a separate network for families. The best moment for me with imlee was some days back when I logged in to my account and I saw a birthday alert of a relative. It was amazing because had it not been Imlee I would have either missed wishing my relative or would have to flip through pages of my book that I have been maintaining. The Imlee alerts and family diary are really very helpful, since they keep you in touch with family, ensure you have the information at one place and also remind you with alerts on your account as well as on phone and email.

I would like to share a small story and also thank Imlee for this. One of my friend had a misunderstanding in his family which caused rift between the families & their relationships were strained. I wanted to help and so I introduced Imlee to the younger members of his family. The kids used Imlee to create their family tree and share old family photos. When the elder members of their family saw how close the youngsters are  and looked at the memories of the past ,they sorted their differences and resolved to come together. A small initiative on Imlee brought everyone so close that they are now having a family get-together, where six different families are meeting together to connect & bond with each other, and they invited me too.

If you would like to share your family story , please write to us at admin@imlee.com 


Raj Kapoor Family Tree


Raj Kapoor’s family is one of the well-known families in Bollywood. The Kapoor family has been entertaining the Indian cinema lovers for decades. And we are sure that they will continue doing so in the years to come.

Let’s take a look into Raj Kapoor family tree and how most of the family members have contributed to the Indian cinema

Raj Kapoor had five kids – Randhir Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor, Rajiv Kapoor, Ritu Nanda and Reema Jain.

Randhir Kapoor, the eldest son of Raj Kapoor married Babita (an actress of 70s). Babita is the cousin of the yesteryears popular actress Sadhna Shivdasani. The couple have two daughters Karisma Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor who are bollywood heartthrobs.

Karisma also known as Lolo is married to the famous industrialist Sanjay Kapur who is the CEO of Sixt India. Earlier she was engaged to Abhishek Bachchan. However, the engagement broke due to unknown reasons. Many believe that Babita didn’t want Rishi and Neetu Kapoor (who are close friends of Bachchans) to attend the wedding. Bachchans didn’t agree and the engagement broke! Well, we don’t the true reason yet.

Karisma Kapoor gave birth to a beautiful daughter Samaira on 11 March 2005. Five years later, she gave birth to her second child, son Kiaan Raj Kapoor on 12 March 2010.

Kareena also known as Bebo has married the famous actor and the Nawab of Pataudi Saif Ali Khan on 16 October 2012. She now has the prestigious title of Begum of Pataudi. There are lot of speculations whether Kareena has converted to Islam. However, mother-in-law Sharmila Tagore (another famous actress of the 70s) insists Kareena is the Begum of Pataudi whether she converts to Islam or not.

Rishi Kapoor a.k.a Chintu, the second son married one of his famous co stars Neetu Singh in 1981. He has two kids – Ranbir Kapoor and Riddhima Kapoor Sahani.

Riddhima Kapoor is a fashion designer and has married a Delhi-based industrialist Bharat Sahni. She gave birth to a daughter named Samara in March 2011.

Ranbir Kapoor is a famous Bollywood actor who has been much in news for his personal life. After a high profile breakup with Deepika Padukone in 2009, he has deliberately kept his personal life away from media attention. Reportedly he is said to be dating the popular actress Katrina Kaif.

Rajiv Kapoor a.k.a. Chimpoo, the youngest son of Raj Kapoor married an architect Aarti Sabharwal in 2001. However his marriage hit a rocky patch soon that led to their separation two years later.

Ritu Nanda the eldest daughter of Raj Kapoor married the famous industrialist Rajan Nanda. She has two children – Nikhil Nanda and Natasha Nanda.

Nikhil Nanda has married Amitabh Bachchan’s daughter Shweta Bachchan. The couple has two children – Navya Naveli and Agastya. Yes, Kapoors and Bachchans are related!

Reema Jain the youngest daughter of Raj Kapoor married Mohit Jain and has two children – Aadar Jain and Armaan Jain. Supposedly, Armaan Jain will soon join the Kapoor tradition and act in films. He has worked as an assistant director in ‘Ek Main Aur Ek Tu’ (starring Imran Khan and Kareena Kapoor). If reports are to be believed, his first bollywood movie will be made under Saif Ali Khan’s home production.


PS: We will soon be coming with other celebrity family trees like Salman Khan family tree and Yash Chopra family tree. Stay tuned to this space!

Ideas on making a fun and interesting family tree

It is one of the casual afternoons – you are lying on the sofa and catching up on your favorite daily soap. Your son returns from the school and tells you about his school project – creating a family tree.

Family tree! Last time you drew a family tree you were in school. You drew it with gusto; your parents and grand mom had helped you in the project. You remember sifting through dusty old boxes, collecting black and white family photographs, visiting a lot of relatives and last but not the least your father bought a dozen of crayons and sketch pens all in different colors just for you! Yes, drawing a family tree was fun.

Now it’s your turn to help your son draw a nice and attractive family tree.  To help you out I have jotted down a few ideas. Sneak a peek-

1. Design a family tree quilt

Yes, you read it right. Collect small pieces of different colored clothes from all the family members. Now embroider the names of the people as well as their birth dates on these fabrics.


Draw a family tree on the centre of a cloth. Stitch these small fabrics on the tree. Be careful about the position. Sew the fabrics on the trees in the correct order.

Tip: You can cut the fabrics in shape of leaves.

. Social and family networking

It’s an easy and simple way to create family tree. Log into a family networking website like ours and build the tree. You can invite your relatives to these genealogy websites. And the fun part is other family members, who are currently staying in other cities or may be in different countries, can collaborate and work together with you to complete the family tree. By the way did you try creating a Imlee family tree?

3. Metal family tree sculpture

family tree
Source: Flickr

Such metal trees usually come with small picture frames. Put the pictures of the family members in these frames. Write birthdays on the back of each frame. And to make the metal tree more attractive and beautiful, decorate the frames with satin or velvet ribbons.








Imlee Fan of the Week – 3

This week’s Imlee fan is a simple and sweet girl Shrutika Dali.


Shrutika hails from a very close knit Maharashtrian family and lives with her mother and sister in Mumbai. A perfectionist by nature, she does her work with a lot precision and works hard to achieve her goals. She aims to achieve great heights in her career as an Engineer but also wants to maintain a balance between career and family, who is considers the most important in her life. She is very close to her family and loves to spend time with them (no wonder she is our Imlee Fan!!).

Tell us something about your family?

I have always been brought up in a joint family culture and so for me family is more than just my mom, dad and sister. Though we live in separate homes, all my uncles, aunts, cousins and other relatives share this wonderful bond with each other forming one big happy family. There is this mutual sense of belonging, give and take of love, care, affection and abundant support that strengthens our bond even further.

I am specifically very close to my uncle (father’s brother) who stood by us when my dad passed away and was always there with us in all the ups and downs of life. I look upto him and hope to be like him someday. Infact, all entire family has always been together in each other’s sweet and sour moments. I consider myself fortunate to be a part this family.

How do you spend time with your family?

Spending time with the family, is what I always look forward to and grab every opportunity to I can to do so. The family ensures that we all have Sunday lunches together where everyone has their favourite dish to relish coupled with the ingredients of fun and happiness. This way we all meet once a week and have a wonderful time.

Shrutika with cousins

Almost all the cousins, are in the same age group and thus we connect very easily. We all sit together many a times and plan family outings, weekend getaways and surprises for birthdays.

Everyone also gets involved in festival celebrations and its pre preparation. All the family members take up some work, be it cleaning the house, preparing sweets, decorations, etc.

We all also stay in touch with each other via facebook, whatsapp and interact with the family on Imlee.

What is it that makes your family special?

Apart from being very closely connected to each other, everyone in the family has strikingly similar face structure. We call it ‘The Dali Stamp’ because each of us inherently has similar looks.

How has Imlee helped you and your family? What would you call your Imlee moment?

Imlee was something that me and my family were all looking for – a platform where we could connect with each other and keep our family interactions and share special moments within the family in a private and secure manner. We did interact on other platforms like Facebook but it was getting too cluttered with friends and family in the same network. Imlee gave us just what we needed, a separate family network.

Imlee helped me understand my family roots better. I knew all my relatives, the younger ones and the elder till my grandfather but while creating our family tree, my uncle introduced us to our ancestors and my great grandfathers and shred stories about them and their time. It was an amazing moment to know so much about the family you belong to and enjoy that moment of pride.

Five creative ways to spend weekends with family

Weekends are a fun way not just to explore one’s creative side but also bond with the family and drive away predictability.

Ever considered the benefits of spending the weekends with the family? In addition to the reduction in stress levels one of the biggest advantages is the bonding and the closeness between the family. Team Imlee comes up with a few suggestions for spending the weekend with the family.

Family monopoly

1) Monopoly:

The banking card game, which has caught the fancy of people across age groups. Monopoly is not just a fun way to keep the family engaged but also can get the competitive edge out within the members. From buying and selling properties to being the banker, renting houses, mortgaging businesses the game is a fun way to de-stress. The friendly banter within the family also helps, once in a while to release the work steam- but in a friendly way.



Indian Museum Kolkatta

2) Museums:

It might sound like a dull boring option but museums are also a fun medium to educate the children and spend quiet, quality time with the family. Take the family out to the local museums in the city, explain to them the importance of the heritage and the history of the land. What it does is, not only do the children get interested in them at the right age, but you also get a chance to explore the ancient cultures often left buried in history text books


3) Build furniture:

If you have a big house with a backyard, then building furniture will be a good idea. Get everyone involved. Right from getting planks of wood, to ensuring that the build is done properly, in a fun manner with all the necessary precautions, building furniture is always fun. In case you have a backyard with big trees, then a tree house is not exactly out of reach. It will give the children a heightened sense of enjoyment, and the older ones a chance to unleash their creativity.




4) Cooking:
Yes it could be done too. Try cooking a five course meal for the family. Right from sourcing the ingredients to assigning every member a particular duty the exercise might look chaotic at first but could be fun if done with the right deal of safety measures and precautions. Someone could be in charge of getting the ingredients from the market, others in cleaning them, and the adults in charge of the actually cooking. What’s more fun, is the outcome. Of course the family sits down to a nice meal completely enjoying the fruits of the hard work put in.



Family playing football on beach

5) Team sports:

Divide the family into groups and play a team sport like indoor football, running, seek and hide or just about anything that requires a team. Keep a tab on the points scored, with the winners getting a treat from the runners-up for a dinner at their favourite restaurant. Fun way to bring back the charm in the house, as well as a prize for the victors. You can also go out to the beach and play by the sea.



Your family network

You can also create your family tree on Imlee:

One of the important things to do is to educate your kids about your family and family history. The best way is to involve them make a family tree, where they will learn about their forefathers and the family they belong. Tell them stories about your childhood, explain them the various cultures and traditions.



Image source: Flickr

Your family network

Imlee – Your private family network

They asked her, how big is was her family ? “Me, My parents & my younger brother” -She replied

Its funny how the definition of family has changed in India over the years. For generations, India had a joint family system. Family meant – your parents , siblings , cousins , children, children’s spouses and more. Over the last 60 years, the cultural trend in most parts of India has been an accelerated change from joint family to nuclear families, much like population trends in other parts of the world. But there is more that changed here . Families have not just grown geographically distributed but have also grown apart. People now trust strangers more than their relatives. What once was a strong support system is now perceived as liability. What’s amusing is that normally you & I are the kind of people who help others – our friends, our colleagues & strangers too. So why would we feel less comfortable doing the same for our relatives – you know expressing ourselves, reaching out to them. Well It’s because we feel keeping in touch is difficult. Imlee solves this problem, It makes it easier to say you care.

With your family network on imlee, you get lot of features to help you bond better with your family . It has your family tree, that helps you visualize who you are connected to in the family and how. It has a shared family diary, to help you maintain relative profiles and contact details. The family albums on imlee provide you one click access to all family photos . The family statistics section shows interesting graphs and insights about your family . The family news section shows you updates and posts shared by everybody in the family. With reminders via sms and emails, You’ll never miss a relative’s birthday or anniversary and the chance tell them how special they are to you.

Imlee helps you connect & share with your closed and extended family. Since imlee is a network only for your close family and relatives, it avoids unnecessary clutter and makes sure you never miss an important family update or event. A secured network, imlee is the perfect place to share family photos , news and conversations, as only your relatives can see them.

When was the last time you spoke to your relative, So get the conversation started in your family today. Create your own family network.


Imlee Fan of the Week #2

The Imlee fan for this week is Mr. Yogesh Bhagchandani


“Put in your best at whatever you are doing and success will follow” Is what Yogesh firmly believes and practices in life. Apart from his love for design and technology, he is passionate about good food and dreams to own a restaurant one day. He likes to travel and being a water-bearer enjoys the beaches, rivers and the monsoons. Yogesh currently works as a ‘Designer’ with an IT company.

Tell us something about your family?

I currently reside in Mumbai with my wife and daughter while my parents are in Nashik. We are a very close-knit family with great traditional and cultural values. I say it with pride that we are actually a very big family with easily over 400 relatives, living in different parts of the world. Our family has a good mix of people, personality-wise and profesionally. Incidently there are no two people in the same profession.

How do you spend time with your family?

Yogesh and Sonal

Due to the hectic work schedule, I do not get much time during the weekdays but I try and make up for it during the weekends by spending some quality time with my daughter, Sonal and wife. Since I am fond of cooking, I try making various cuisine at home and at time I even create my own. Not to forget that at times they have turned out to be disastrous. We often get involved in the activity and enjoy the food together.

When we are not cooking or there isn’t a good movie, I sit with Sonal and teach her various forms of craft, clay work and painting, provoking her creative abilities.

This summer, she picked up the card game UNO and made sure we played atleast a couple of games together. She enjoyed it thoroughly with all her new excitement about the game.

We often visit our parents during festivals like Holi, Ganpati and Diwali, and also during holidays to spend time with them and share some wonderful moments.

Since all the relatives are spread in different cities and countries it becomes very difficult to talk or meet regularly, but we often have house parties where people of the same age group come together to share a cup of coffee or have dinner outings together.

Weddings are another occassions when relatives come down and it creates a fun-filled atmosphere within the home. Apart from that, we all stay connected online via email, social websites like facebook, twitter and now Imlee.

How has Imlee helped you and your family? What would you call your Imlee moment?

It is really great to have all your relatives connected on one platform. It helps our big happy family interact with each other and keep the family conversations private.

On my recent visit to Gujarat, I met about 50 relatives whom I had not met in the last 20 years. My next mission is to add them to the tree.

Imlee helped me understand relations better. Many a times my mom did explain me how a particular person is related to us but on Imlee I can actually see the relatives on the family tree and visualize the relation I share with them.

When I started building my family tree on Imlee, I was under the impression that I would be able to create around a 100 member tree but to my surprise, when I finished I had more than 350 relatives!!

That moment was really amazing, I not only remembered all the names of my family members but all the exact relations. The tree looked beautiful and I further enriched it with pictures and more information about my family.