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Q 1. How do I start building my tree?
A. Steps to start building your family tree Step 1 - Go to 'My Tree' Step 2 - Click on plus icon button and select the type of relation you wish to add. NOTE: Before a relative can be added, his or her parents must be on the tree (Except for immediate relations)
Q 2. How do I add cousins, aunts, and uncles to my tree?
A. Steps to add aunts and uncles Step 1: Add your parents. Example: Here Jai added his parents Nilima and Chandrakant Tree Step 2: Click on plus icon button on one of your parents to add brother or sister Node Step 3: After selecting brother or sister enter the name of your uncle or aunt. Example: Here Jai added his aunt Seema Tree Steps to add cousins Step 1: Click plus icon button on your aunt or uncle on the family tree, select daughter or son Step 2: Enter the name of the daughter or son of your uncle or aunt to add your cousin
Q 3. How do I add deceased relative to my family tree?
A. Steps to add deceased relative Step 1: Add the deceased relative to your tree like you add other relatives. click Edit Icon icon Step 2: Click Edit Icon button to go to 'Edit Profile' Step 3: In the 'Edit Profile' select the option of 'Deceased' Edit Form
Q 4. Can I add a relative to my tree more than once?
A. Incase of multiple relationships with the same person you can add a relative more than once. Example: Two brothers Chandrakant and Suryakant  marry two sisters Nilima and Asha respectively, than these two sisters are not only sisters but also sisters in law. In this case Asha is added in two places . Asha is added in Nilima's branch as sister (image 1), and in Chandrakant's branch as sister in law (image 2) Image 1 Tree Image 2 Tree
Q 5. I added a relative to the wrong spot on my tree. How do I move him to the correct spot?
A. Refer question 6 to remove the relative from the wrong spot on the tree and add the relative again to the correct spot.
Q 6. How do I remove a relative from my tree?
A. Steps to remove relative from the family tree Step 1 - Click on Edit Icon button on the relative on the family tree Node Step 2 - Click on 'Remove Relative' Tree NOTE: You cannot remove an active relative from the tree. Also you cannot remove a relative who is a link to other relative. (Example you cannot remove your cousin without deleting her spouse or You cannot remove cousin's spouse if his family is also added to the tree)
Q 7. Is my family tree visible to others?
A. The family tree is by default set to private settings that is only relatives on the family tree can view your tree.
Q 8. I want to clear my tree and start over with a fresh one.
A. You can reset your family tree to clear and start over again only if your tree has less than 10 members. Once your tree has more than 10 relatives you wont be able to reset, but you can remove individual relative and add them again in right place. Refer question no. 6 to remove relatives.
Q 9. I'm not able to edit details of my relative on the family tree?
A. Once the relative becomes active on the family tree only he/she can edit his/her information. The Edit Icon button for the active relatives is not present. Incase you are not able to edit the information of the inactive user then please get in touch with us at admin@imlee.com
Q 10. How do I add profile pictures of all my relatives on the family tree?
A. Steps to add profile pictures of relatives on the family tree Step 1: Click on Edit Icon button on the relative on your family tree Step 2: Click on the dummy picture and upload the picture from your computer. Edit Form Note: You cannot add/remove/re-upload profile photos of an active relative on your tree
Q 11.How do I add or edit date of birth of my relative?
A. Steps to edit date of birth of relative Step 1: Click on Edit Icon button on the relative on your family tree. Step 2: In the edit box that appears you can add and edit the date of birth of the relative. You can also add birthday of your relative by going to 'Family List' Page.
Q 12. How do I add or edit date of wedding anniversaries of my relative?
A. Steps to add or edit date of wedding anniversaries of the relative Step 1: Click on Edit Icon button on the relative on your family tree. Step 2: In the edit box that appears you can add and edit the wedding anniversary of the relative. You can also add and edit wedding anniversary of your relative by going to 'Family List' Page.
Q 13. How do I add or edit name of my relative?
A. Steps to add or edit name of the relative Step 1: Click on Edit Icon button on the relative on your family tree. Step 2: In the edit box that appears you can add and edit the name of the relative.
Q 14. How do I add multiple spouses for my relative on the family tree?
A. Multiple Spouse is adding more than one wife or husband to a relative. Currently our technical team is working on this feature. We'll inform you when we roll out this feature
Q 15. How do I know when a relative is active on my tree?
A. You can know whether your relative is active from 'Family List', and also the Edit Icon button for editing on the tree is not present for the active relative.
Q 16. How do I merge two different family trees?
A. Currently we are working on this feature. We'll inform you when we roll out this feature
Q 17. My cousins and me are on separate tree, how do we connect?
A. It would be merging of two different trees. Please refer question no. 16
Q 18. Can I add my friends to my tree?
A. Imlee is for family networking so you can add only relatives to your family tree right now
Q 1. How do I invite my relatives?
A. Click on the 'Send Invitations' button on the top right corner of the screen. Here you can invite your relatives to join your tree in four ways -
  1. In the section "Invite relatives on your Family Tree" add email addresses in front of your relatives name and click on the 'Invite' Button
  2. In the section "Enter e-mail addresses manually" add email addresses manually in the text box (in case of multiple email ids separate them with comma) and Click on 'Invite' button. You'll be asked to mark whether the invitation to be sent is a relative or a friend.Please mark relevant option before sending invitations to ensure the safety and privacy of your family tree.
  3. In the section "Invite from facebook". Click on "Invite your family" to invite your relatives from facebook and click on "Tell your Friends" to tell your friends about imlee.com. (Friends cannot join your family tree)
  4. In the section "Import contacts from e-mail". Click on Gmail or Yahoo icon to invite your relatives from your Gmail and Yahoo contact list.
Q 1. How do I add family albums?
A. Steps to add family albums Click the 'Photos' on top navigation bar then click on "Create Album" and select the photos you want to upload from your computer.
Q 1. What is connect feature?
A. With this feature you can connect with your relative's family network who is already present on imlee.
Q 2. How does connect feature work?
A. Connect Steps This request will be sent to all active member s in your relative's family network As soon as connect request is accepted by any active member then both your family networks will be connected
Q 3. What happens when family networks get connected?
A. Once family networks are connected then both the family networks can see each others - family tree, family diary, family news and albums Relatives from connected family networks can also edit the family tree and family diary.
Q 4. How can I send connect request?
A. Go to a relative's profile page or storyboard page and click on the 'connect' button as shown below Connect on Profile Page
Q 5. How will I come to know if I get a connect request?
A. Connect requests will be notified by the notification icon besides search bar and by email. These notifications will be sent to all active members of the family network
Q 6. Whom can I send connect request?
A. Connect request can be sent to relatives who are not in your family network but are present on imlee.
Q 7. Who are authorized to accept connect request?
A. All active relatives in your family network can accept connect request
Q 8. Where can I see all the connected family trees?
A. You can see all the connected family trees by clicking the 'Connected Trees' button present on the family tree page. (This button will be visible only after you connect with other family networks) Connected Trees
Q 9. How do I decline connect request?
A. Step 1 - Click on notification icon Step 2 - Click on 'View All' link Step 3 - In received section click on 'Not Now' button in front of the request you wish to decline NOTE: All the active members in your family network should decline the request, if any of your active relative accepts the request, the family networks will be connected.
Q 10. Can I reverse this process once my family network gets connected?
A. No, for now this process is not reversible. Please be careful before accepting connect request.
Q 11. How do I know if active relatives in my network accept connection request?
A. Email notification will be sent once any of your relative accepts family network connection request. Also you will be able see the connected family network's relatives in your family diary.
Q 12. Why do I see same relatiove's name twice in the family diary??
A. Same relative's name can appear more than once in the family diary when : - When the same person is present in more than one family tree of the family networks which are connected with each other -When two persons with same name are present in the same family tree -When same person has been added twice in the family tree
Q 1. Does imlee share personally identifiable information with advertisers or other 3rd parties?
A. No. All the data entered by you is secured and safe.
Q 2. What kind of email will I receive from imlee.com?
A. You will receive emails regarding birthday/anniversary reminders, notifications regarding your family's activity on imlee, updates and launch of new features and changes made on imlee.com
Q 3. How secure is my data?
A. We work very hard to exceed standards for data security. However, there is no data online that is 100% secure and it's impossible to guarantee that unauthorized parties will never be able to defeat security measures. The same principles apply to any application or internet property. If you have specific concerns, please reach out to us directly at admin@imlee.com.
Q 4. Who is able to view the information that I've entered on imlee?
A. All your relatives present on your tree can view the information entered by you on imlee
Q 5. What kind of privacy controls does imlee provide?
A. Imlee lets you control the visibility of your profile details, stories or posts you share and your photo albums. These settings are available under 'Edit Privacy' section, under settings in your profile. Presently you can choose between making the above content visible to 'Everyone' (users with verified accounts on imlee.com) or 'tree' (members of your family tree). You can also control the visibility of your profile, by making yourself visible or hidden in search on imlee. More options to control visibility of content within your family tree will be introduced in future. For more details, please refer our Privacy Policy

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